About Wrestle Rampage & FAQ

WRESTLE RAMPAGE is based in Adelaide, South Australia and aims to produce exciting live pro wrestling events for your entertainment.

Q: Can anyone attend the events?
A: Yes, anyone can can attend our events. We have all ages events which are held at Cosgrove Hall, The Waterside Workers Hall, The Port Adelaide Rec Centre and at the Wrestle Rampage Dojo. We also have an 18+ only events held at the Lion Arts Factory in the Adelaide CBD. This age restriction is due to the nature of licensed premises at The Lion Arts Factory.

Q: How long do the events go for?
A: Running time for events may vary, but on average the run time is from 2-2.5 hours, which includes a 15 minute intermission.

Q: How do I buy tickets?
A: You are able to buy tickets online at our website under the ‘Buy Tickets’ tab. You can also buy at the door for any of our events, subject to availability. Full information on this will be under our ‘buy tickets’ section for each event as it becomes listed for sale. **Due to covid-19 there are restrictions on buying tickets at the door on the night of the event, so it is best to purchase before the event online to secure your ticket**

Q: Do you have EFTPOS and ATMs available at your events?
A: We do not have EFTPOS or ATMs available at our events. Cash sales only. There are a number of ATMs located in close proximity to our venues

Q: Is there alcohol available at the events?
A: Excluding the events held at the Wrestle Rampage Dojo, all the other events we produce are fully licensed. A variety of alcohol will be available at the bar for those who are over the legal age of 18 and wish to drink. Valid government ID must be supplied, otherwise no service. Strictly no BYO! **Due to covid-19 there may restrictions on buying alcohol at the events, we will update via the website if such restrictions take place**

Q: Is there a phone number I contact for further information?
A: There is no contact number for Wrestle Rampage. You can contact Management at: admin@wrestlerampage.com with any questions or queries.

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