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Breaking News: Cruiserweight Cup Contendership in doubt after Ground Zero.

August 30, 2017 Comments off

Whilst ROBBY HEART was technically in line for a Cruiserweight Cup opportunity against current champion LINK BARNETT, we have now been notified that the decision is under scrutiny.

HEART’s victory over MIKE BOOMER at this past month’s GROUND ZERO event came after a costly distraction from his supposed new ally AMITY ROW. Upon review, Commissioner TOM CHOCOLATE has released this statement:

“Although I firmly believe that the referee’s decision is always final, with such high stakes I can’t just set a precedent that this is acceptable behaviour. I will meet up with the talent before making my final decision on who will face Link Barnett for the Cruiserweight Cup, but for the first and hopefully last time, I am overturning an official and ruling the Robby Heart vs. Mike Boomer match a ‘no contest.’

We will no doubt have more news in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more.

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Wrestle Rampage ‘GROUND ZERO 2017’ Results

August 13, 2017 Comments off


Venue: St. Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville, SA
Date: Saturday, August 12th, 2017

  1. Tommy Knight def. Havok
  2. Joanie May def. Chanel Phoenix
  3. WR Cruiserweight Cup #1 Contendership: Robby Heart def. Mike Boomer
  4. Leather Strap Match: Einar Ironside def. Dean Valente
  5. Mr. Juicy def. Rat Daddy
  6. WR Cruiserweight Cup: Link Barnett(c) def. Rufio (1st defence)
  7. TMDK [Jonah Rock & Damian Slater] def. BIG & GORGEOUS [‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham & ‘Big’ Willy Gibson]


The full show will be released shortly via our Vimeo OnDemand service. Click on the link to view our full library with numerous events available for rent or purchase from just $4.99!


This was the final event at our St. Clair Recreation Centre home as the venue is being demolished for long-term renovations. Our next event ‘REDEMPTION’ will be at an all new venue to be confirmed very soon.

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WR Ground Zero News: TMDK vs. BIG & GORGEOUS

August 4, 2017 Comments off


4 veterans who are pioneers of WRESTLE RAMPAGE will face-off in the final match ever to be held at St. Clair Recreation Centre!


After capturing his 2nd Australian National Championship, JONAH ROCK has been a monster with a giant target on his back. Contenders have come out of the woodwork vying for a title shot against the beast, none more vocal than GORGEOUS GREG GRAHAM and his tag team partner BIG WILLY GIBSON. With the duo proving to be a perpetual thorn in JONAH ROCK’s side, it was an unlikely ally in the former of ‘The World Beater’ DAMIAN SLATER who came to JONAH ROCK’s aid at the recent FALLOUT event. The previous trilogy between SLATER & ROCK culminated in a mutual respect, which led to SLATER being brought into the THE MIGHTY DON’T KNEEL stable and now joining the battle against Team Gorgeous’ big guns.


Now the ‘Dream Team’ of TMDK will stand side-by-side for the first time when they take on the formidable and experienced tag team of BIG & GORGEOUS! Expect chaos when these 2 teams finally collide on August 12th!



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WR Ground Zero News: RAT DADDY vs. MR JUICY

August 4, 2017 Comments off


An entertainers dream-match is about to take place at August 12th’s GROUND ZERO! Two of the most interesting characters in recent history will face-off for the first time as the man known as ‘RAT DADDY’ attempts to go 3-0 when he takes on the Super Heavyweight Sensation, MR JUICY!

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August 4, 2017 Comments off


The women’s division of WRESTLE RAMPAGE has long featured some of Australia’s most experienced. Names such as WWE’s BILLIE KAY, PEYTON ROYCE and RHEA RIPLEY, have showed Adelaide crowds that the girls can put in just as much fight as the boys. Yet throughout this time there has been a void of up and coming stars. That was until JOANIE MAY and CHANEL PHOENIX entered the Wrestle Rampage Dojo.


Without having even made her debut, PHOENIX has already made a statement, launching a verbal assault on JOANIE MAY at the recent FALLOUT event. But is her bark worse than her bite? These two dojo graduates will have a chance to show their worth as they face each on August 12th at GROUND ZERO


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WR Ground Zero News: RUFIO vs. LINK BARNETT(c)

August 3, 2017 Comments off


For almost a year, inaugural Cruiserweight Champion MIKE BOOMER looked set in his path and ready to hold on to the gold for a long time to come. Enter New Zealand’s LINK BARNETT. An unorthodox cruiserweight of more than a decade of experience, with some of those years being alongside former partner MIKE BOOMER. BARNETT captured the Cruiserweight Cup in an impressive performance at the most recent FALLOUT event.


Standing across from BARNETT will be Queensland’s top cruiserweight RUFIO! Rufio’s dedication to the art of professional wrestling is second to none. No stranger to WRESTLE RAMPAGE competition, RUFIO’s training under fellow Queenslander AJ ISTRIA has paid off in a big way. An impressive run on the East Coast has afforded RUFIO this Championship match against the brand new champ. Can RUFIO deliver a fairytale finish to his story, or is LINK BARNETT going to prove that his experience is just too much for the youngster?


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August 3, 2017 Comments off


For a year now the WRESTLE RAMPAGE Cruiserweight Division has been booming (no pun intended). Some of Australasia’s best have made their way to Adelaide to compete for the ultimate prize, the Wrestle Rampage Cruiserweight Cup. At August 12th’s GROUND ZERO, two of South Australia’s all-time best will face-off for the first time with the winner moving on to face the Cruiserweight Champion.


If we’re to be completely honest, there’d be no Cruiserweight Division without MIKE BOOMER. The first champ, BOOMER successfully defended against interstate stars such as ROBBIE EAGLES, RUFIO, KASAI and PARIS DE SILVA in some of the most action-packed matches ever witness on South Australian soil. Boomer looked unstoppable until he came up against former teammate, New Zealand’s LINK BARNETT. With questionable tactics, BARNETT successfully captured the Cruiserweight Cup at the most recent event, FALLOUT. Now BOOMER has his opportunity to gain revenge.


ROBBY HEART on the other hand has been undefeated in singles competition since his return 1 year ago. ‘The Darkest Soul’ has shown a vastly different side to the beloved high flyer that he was many years ago. HEART is a on a warpath searching for gold, but will the resilient BOOMER be ready to weather his storm and come back firing?



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