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Final 3 matches added to this Friday’s DOMINATION @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide CBD!

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4 massive matches announced for DOMINATION – Fri, August 31st.

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Wrestle Rampage presents DOMINATION [18+] – Fri, August 31st

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Wrestle Rampage SIMPLY THE BEST Results (07/07/2018)

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An epic card and a monumental outcome was witnessed when Fowlers Live presented SIMPLY THE BEST; an event named after the former champ (feels so good saying this!) Gorgeous Greg. You can watch the event from just $4.99 via Vimeo OnDemand. Here were all of the happenings from the night.


Vanity Inc go from bad to worse.

You can’t deny it, 2017 was an incredible year for the group now known as Vanity Inc. Taking down the very best of the best in the form of TMDK, seemed to give confidence to the likes of Gorgeous Greg, Big Willy Gibson, Havok & Corey Adams. However maybe that sense of confidence has been taken too far, as Havok & Gibson encountered yet another loss to Tommy Knight & Pat Graham, and you guessed it… somehow Corey Adams copped the blame.


In Joanie We Trust!

Joanie May has never been one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, her first two matches in professional wrestling were against world-travelled sensation Kellyanne! Two matches that she unfortunately could not find a way to win. However time has been on her side and after over a year of constant improvement, Joanie was able to get the important win over Kellyanne in their 3rd time around.


5-Man Scramble.

Absolute chaos ensued with competitors such as Corey Adams, Nick Golfis, Dean Valente, Tyler Trench & even MCW’s Fun Time Phil, entering the fray. However in the end it was the big man Tyler Trench who continued his streak.


Battle for the Cup

Years as a successful team before a mutual dissolution and two similar journeys to the top of the cruiserweight division, all in the name of gold. For Mike Boomer & Link Barnett, neither would be where they are today without the other. Having traded the Cruiserweight Cup back and forth over the past year, this was to be their rubber match. In the end it was Mike Boomer who retained his championship. With the Cruiserweight division having been seemingly cleared out by the two, where do we go from here?


Never bet against the house…

It was a classic tale of mentor vs. student, with AJ Istria battling Rufio for the first time in a Wrestle Rampage ring. Two of Queensland’s very best who made their way to Adelaide seeking greener pastures. They are students of the game and a couple of the most versatile pro wrestlers in the nation. While Rufio’s efforts to beat his teacher at his own game had the more experienced Istria in peril at times, it was the arm collector in Istria who came out victorious with yet another arm bar.


The Rat Daddy Redemption begins.

There was no shame in losing his first ever Australian National Championship opportunity to Gorgeous Greg, and Rat Daddy wasn’t about to let one failure determine his future. Rat Daddy scored a massive victory over an in-form Robby Heart in what was the biggest upset of the night.


It was the beast that killed the beauty.

A year of torment watching Gorgeous Greg parade around with the championship that was once his, clearly provided Jonah Rock with enough spite to last a lifetime. The Gorgeous One’s efforts in 2018 afforded him the tag ‘The TMDK Killer’ but perhaps it’s true that you just can’t kill ‘The King of Monsters’. Ladies and gentleman we have a new (and record breaking 3-time) Australian National Champion in the form of Jonah Rock!


The celebration was short lived however, with Tyler Trench re-emerging from the back and wiping out Jonah with a stop sign to the back of the head. Trench made his intentions clear and will have his first ever shot at the Australian National Championship at Fowlers Live’s Wrestle Rampage: DOMINATION on August 31st in a STREETFIGHT!

Tickets will be available shortly via


Quick Results:

  • Tommy Knight & Pat Graham def. Havok & Big Willy Gibson
  • Joanie May def. Kellyanne
  • Tyler Trench def. Corey Adams, Fun Time Phil, Dean Valente & Nick Golfis
  • Mike Boomer(c) def. Link Barnett to retain the Cruiserweight Cup (1st title defence)
  • AJ Istria def. Rufio
  • Rat Daddy def. Robby Heart
  • Jonah Rock def. Gorgeous Greg(c) to win the Australian National Championship (13th Champion)



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This Saturday night, July 7th! Wrestle Rampage: SIMPLY THE BEST @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide CBD [18+]

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Wrestle Rampage presents ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ – Sat, July 7th @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide CBD [18+]

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Wrestle Rampage returns to the Adelaide CBD for an epic 18+ night out. ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ will feature JONAH ROCK attempting to regain his Australian National Championship for a record breaking 3rd time when he battles ‘Gorgeous’ GREG GRAHAM.buttonbuynow

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Wrestle Rampage REVOLUTION Results (09/06/2018)

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The annual mid-year REVOLUTION supershow took place this past weekend and if you missed it… we are vigorously shaking our fingers at you in disappointment. However we here at Wrestle Rampage HQ believe in second chances, so here are all of the happenings from the event, which you can also watch from just $4.99 through our Vimeo OnDemand channel. In saying that, if you don’t want spoilers, you probably shouldn’t scroll down.


The Link & Dean Experiment fails

This was supposed to be Link Barnett’s resurgence in the cruiserweight division. A big win over current Cruiserweight Champion Mike Boomer and his partner Kazaran Crowe was a surefire way to earn a rematch for his former crown. However it wasn’t to be with Barnett’s teammate Dean Valente going down to Boomer, 1-2-3.


Exit Light. Enter Nightmare. 

The unhinged ‘Nightmare’ Tyler Trench picked up a dominant win over the young lion, ‘Sniper’ Nick Golfis. Is there any stopping the big man’s momentum?


The Battle of the Robbys

In what was an absolute dream match, Robby Heart picked up a major victory over the buzz-worthy Robbie Eagles. Seriously catch the event on Vimeo for this match alone! Surely this puts Robby Heart closer to a shot at his record-breaking, 3rd Australian National Championship? Well we presume snatching that record was his main motive for targeting the also 2-time former champ Damian Slater. Slater is nearing the end of his suspension, and by all reports, isn’t willing to let the past 5 months of torment go, so we’ll have to wait and see where this leads.


Let. Them. Fight.

Ok ok… if the Heart v Eagles match wasn’t enough for you… THIS match is one you must experience! The rubber match of a multiple match-of-the-year rivalry that has now featured 3 of the most incredibly hard-hitting, pure pro wrestling battles that you may ever see on Australia soil. In the end it was Jonah Rock who KO’d the ‘Punchdrunk’ AJ Istria, firmly placing himself right back in the Australian National Championship picture. For Istria, it’s back to the drawing board, but ultimate respect for not backing down from the ‘King of Monsters,’ regardless of his means. Expect to see Istria back in the swing of things soon… once he wakes up from his slumber.


The makeshift team upset the Vanity trio.

An on-fire Tommy Knight, returning Pat Graham and in-form Rufio came together and seemed to find the code that breaks the seemingly unstoppable Vanity Inc. of Havok, Big Willy Gibson & Corey Adams. Once again, the young protege Adams seemed to cop most of the blame.


Viva La Rat Daddy Revolution!

…is what we hope to be one day yelling, but unfortunately Rat Daddy was unable to dethrone Gorgeous Greg and take his Australian National Championship. In saying that, Rat Daddy certainly stepped up to the plate and put in a performance of a lifetime. I mean, who else has ever seen someone do a shoe-y followed by a New Jack-esque balcony dive (Schoolies aside)? Alas Gorgeous Greg rolls on to a high stakes rematch with the man he took the championship from in 2017, Jonah Rock!

Quick Results:

  • Mike Boomer & Kazaran Crowe def. Dean Valente & Link Barnett
  • Tyler Trench def. Nick Golfis
  • Robby Heart def. Robbie Eagles
  • Jonah Rock def. AJ Istria
  • Rufio, Tommy Knight & Pat Graham def. Vanity Inc.
  • ‘Gorgeous’ Greg def. Rat Daddy to retain the Australian National Championship (3rd title defence)


The next event has been set:

Wrestle Rampage presents ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ on Saturday, July 7th @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide CBD (18+). Already confirmed is our Australian National Championship main event in which ‘King of Monsters’ JONAH ROCK will attempt to regain the title from current champ ‘Gorgeous’ GREG GRAHAM!

Tickets available shortly via




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