WR Uprising News: JOANIE MAY vs. AMITY ROW

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Very few can say that they have had a debut year like that of JOANIE MAY. The Adelaide-based up-and-comer has taken on all challenges without hesitation, which can be partially attributed to the fact that she was trained by the one and only, JONAH ROCK. At January’s RELOADED, JOANIE even found herself wrestling alongside her mentor, taking on the likes of VANITY INC. Such grit and determination to fight against the best female AND male competitors is both commendable and a promising sign for the future.


In her previous encounter with Perth’s AMITY ROW, it was the more experienced ROW who claimed victory. A former member of one of Australian wrestling’s most dominant stables, THE SOLUTION, ROW now finds herself siding with 2-time former Australian National Champion, ROBBY HEART, which is a dangerous situation to think about.


Can AMITY ROW’s new allegiance and time under the bright lights give her the advantage that she needs to beat JOANIE MAY a 2nd time, or is MAY’s dream run set to continue in 2018?


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Possibly hidden amongst a handful of matches that could main event any show in the country, the UPRISING RUMBLE is just too important to take a backseat. 10 of Wrestle Rampage’s finest will be given the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in an over-the-top-rope battle royal to crown a new #1 contender to the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP that will be held by either GORGEOUS GREG or ELLIOT SEXTON by the time the night is through.




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UPRISING’s Main Event is nothing to brush over as it is important for many reasons, and an incredibly enticing matchup to boot!


The return of TMDK’s ELLIOT SEXTON in 2017, not only meant that TMDK’s numbers would begin to even out in competition against the consistently growing VANITY INC, but also that one of Wrestle Rampage’s originals was back! SEXTON defeated VANITY INC’s ‘Big’ WILLY GIBSON before embarking on a journey to Orlando, Florida to the live the #Trophylife. After a successful tour with NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLINGSEXTON’s Wrestle Rampage return now sees him in possibly his biggest match to date; his first ever shot at the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.


‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM on the other hand, has been overlooked for the better part of a decade, due in part to his pompous attitude and visibly un-athletic figure. That was until he became the man to dethrone TMDK’s ‘King of Monsters’ JONAH ROCK and become the ‘King of Kings of Monsters.’ Or something like that. Regardless, GREG GRAHAM’s ascension can in no way be considered an overnight success, and his track record, putting away both JONAH ROCK and DAMIAN SLATER back-to-back, can not be understated.
Will Vanity Inc’s GORGEOUS GREG be the first person in history to successfully defend his gold against 3 members of TMDK consecutively, or will SEXTON’s fairytale journey stumble upon its biggest trophy to date?


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Wrestle Rampage presents UPRISING – March 31st, 2018

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Australia’s premier Live Pro Wrestling event, WRESTLE RAMPAGE, returns for an UPRISING! Port Adelaide will bare witness to Australia’s top professional wrestlers battling it out in several heavy hitting grudge matches!
Headlined by the return of TMDK’s ELLIOT SEXTON, in addition to the highly anticipated rematch of 2017’s Match of the Year Winner, between JONAH ROCK & AJ ISTRIA, this will be one show you don’t want to miss!
Fully licensed bar and merchandise available.
This is an all ages event.
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RELOADED Full Results (20/01/2018)

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2018 was brought in with a bang as Wrestle Rampage made its Port Adelaide debut with a packed arena, Australia’s leading professional wrestlers and several groundbreaking moments. Here were some of the highlights from the event.

Expansion isn’t always a good idea…

With the newly termed group ‘Vanity Inc.’ adding new members by the month, one would think that their power in numbers approach would always prevail. However a trio led by Jonah Rock was able to foil their plans, with Havok & Willy Gibson putting the blame solely on newest member ‘Heart-Throb’ Corey Adams after the match.


The Cruiserweight Division closer and closer to being emptied.

Another title defence and another victory for Link Barnett, this time against Nick Golfis who was making his debut in probably the toughest circumstances ever faced by a Wrestle Rampage young lion. Barnett has now defeated many of the best Cruiserweights from around the nation including Mike Boomer, Robbie Eagles, Dowie James & Alex Kingston, so it will be interesting to see who is next in line.


Istria successful, but a Knight rises to the occasion.

Two warriors with similar mixed martial arts backgrounds, but the question was always going to be; will Istria’s experience take him over the line, or can 2017 Rookie of the Year Tommy Knight make his biggest statement yet? In the end it was an Istria arm bar which prevailed, but post-match was the biggest talking point as Istria launched a verbal and physical tirade on Knight, causing the 2 to be separated. Another of Knight’s mentors Jonah Rock made his presence felt, and later on a challenge was made for a March 31st rematch between Rock & Istria!


The Viking returns

The return of Einar Ironside went down a treat, with both Robby Heart & Tyler Trench feeling the wrath of the viking descendant and his teammate ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice.


The Rat Daddy Revolution rolls on…

The Christmas incident of 2017 was avenged as Dean Valente was defeated by Rat Daddy after a swift kick to the groin and something involving a chair that we chose to ignore because SCREW YOU DEAN!! *ahem* Sorry about that. Basically, yay Rat Daddy, haha Dean Valente. The way it’s supposed to be.


The World-Beater beaten as a dark soul comes back to haunt him.

When ‘Gorgeous’ Greg shockingly won the Australian National Championship from Jonah Rock at the closing of 2017, the question was never ‘Who can beat him?’ but always ‘How will he keep the title?’ Unfortunately this short-sighted observation is as dangerous as the Gorgeous one’s game plans and in the end Damian Slater was unable to capture his 3rd Australian National Championship. Although surprisingly enough, it was actually Robby Heart who appeared out of nowhere and sprayed a mist into Slater’s face, which allowed Greg to gain the important victory.

So let’s address the elephant in the room. Why Robby why? Slater acknowledged that he didn’t seem to know, before adding that his goal was still to become a 3-time champion, despite the assault. However call me a conspiracy theorist or maybe an avid historian, or maybe just someone with too much time on his hands, but I have a theory…

18 months ago Robby Heart returned from injury as ‘The Darkest Soul’. Gone was the fighting champion of past who had almost single handedly built an unprecedented following for Wrestle Rampage during his time on top. Let’s rewind a little and remember the fact that his initial injury came as a result of Damian Slater siding with The Brotherhood and taking out the former 2-time Australian National Champion, in Heart. I could even take the conspiracy theory further and state that both Slater and Heart hold the record for most Australian National Championships won, with 2 a piece, so a win for Slater would have given him a record-breaking 3rd reign as champ. Or maybe I should just calm down and watch how this all unfolds. Yeah that’s a better idea, this is stressing me out.


TMDK vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling

Of course we couldn’t have our 1st Port Adelaide event finish on a sour note. It was announced that TMDK members Jonah Rock & Damian Slater will be wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling on their upcoming FALLOUT DOWN UNDER tour in February, joining the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody, Okada, The Young Bucks and more! Head to tickets.destroyalllines.com for more information on the tour.


Quick Results:

  • Jonah Rock, Mike Boomer & Joanie May def. Vanity Inc. [Willy Gibson, Havok & Corey Adams]
  • Link Barnett(c) def. Nick Golfis to retain the Cruiserweight Cup
  • AJ Istria def. Tommy Knight
  • Chris Vice & Einar Ironside def. Tyler Trench & Robby Heart
  • Rat Daddy def. Dean Valente
  • ‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham(c) def. Damian Slater to retain the Australian National Championship


The event will be released on Vimeo shortly. Make sure to checkout our current library of events at http://www.vimeo.com/wrestlerampage where you can rent or buy from just $4.99 for over 2 hours of action!


The next event ‘UPRISING’ will be held on March 31st back at Port Adelaide’s Waterside Workers Hall. Already confirmed, TMDK’s ELLIOT SEXTON will battle GORGEOUS GREG for the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, and we will see a rematch of 2017’s Match of the Year as JONAH ROCK takes on AJ ISTRIA.

Tickets will shortly be on sale via wrestlerampage.com/tickets.


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Transport Information for WRESTLE RAMPAGE: Reloaded

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Saturday, January 20th’s RELOADED event goes down at the Waterside Workers Hall in Port Adelaide. It is a direct and easy 20-minute drive from the CBD. The venue has free parking right next door at the Port Adelaide TAFE and is close to pubs and restaurants.


Public Transport Options

Bus: Route numbers 150, 117, 118, 230, 232, 252 and 254

Train: Outer Harbour line, Port Adelaide station.


For public transport information visit adelaidemetro.com.au.



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Interview with ‘The World Beater’ Damian Slater

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We sat down with TMDK’s ‘World Beater’ Damian Slater ahead of his Australian National Championship match with ‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham on January 20th at WRESTLE RAMPAGE: Reloaded. Here’s what he had to say:

WR.com: G’day Damian. So January 20th, Wrestle Rampage is making its Port Adelaide debut at the Waterside Workers Hall. We have learnt that you have a lot of history in this venue. Care to explain?

DS: The WWH is where I made my debut at the age of 15, so I have fond memories of the place. It’s also where I used to go to watch local shows when I was a pre-teen as it’s only walking distance from my childhood home. Such a cool little venue and apparently it’s had a fair bit of revamping in the decade or so that wrestling has been absent from it, so it’s awesome that it’s again becoming the home of pro wrestling in South Australia. I honestly can’t think of a better place to win my 3rd Australian National Championship!

WR.com: I’m not sure how well known it is, but you moved to Perth at the beginning of 2017 and have been wrestling regularly with our friends over at Explosive Pro Wrestling. What prompted the move?

DS: A woman stole my heart *laughs*. There were many reasons for the move, none of which really involved wrestling. My fiance is originally from Perth and was living with me in Adelaide. She was about to start her own business, and when we weighed up all of the pros and cons at the end of 2016, Perth was going to be the best place for her to launch it. I was wrestling in EPW regularly since 2005, so Perth’s always been my 2nd home. I do miss Adelaide but one of the things that softened the move, is that I still get brought back regularly for Wrestle Rampage, so now I’m getting the best of both worlds. 

WR.com: In 2016 you were the only Australian to compete in the 32-Man WWE Cruiserweight Classic when you faced former WWE & ECW legend, Tajiri. How has life been since then? 

DS: Getting the ‘WWE rub’ certainly gave me a boost immediately following my time in Orlando and I gained infinite amounts of wisdom from that one experience. It’s something I’ll forever look back on with nothing but positive memories, but it has also made me hungrier for other things. Whilst I still have many goals to achieve, I have also started focusing a lot more on our turf in Australia. For a long time I was only worried about making it overseas, and while that is still the objective, I see so much potential in Australia and I think that I can play an important role in our progress as a Pro Wrestling ‘territory’. 


Photo Credit: WWE Network

WR.com: You also recently had a tryout in Melbourne with New Japan Pro Wrestling, who have recently announced their Australian tour for this coming February. How did that go and is there any interest in bringing you into NJPW?

DS: Again, nothing but a positive experience. New Japan is a promotion that I have always dreamed of wrestling for ever since I was given some Super Juniors VHS compilations by Col Dervany in my first week of training. A cool little side note; I was accepted to go and train at the NJPW Dojo in Los Angeles in 2007 but it unfortunately shut down 3 days before I arrived. Has there been any interest in me from NJPW? I’d rather keep you guessing.

WR.com: Back to the original point of this interview, you are about to face the current Australian National Champion, ‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham; a man you actually lost to in 2017. However a win for you would mean that you become the first ever 3-time Champion. What are your thoughts on GGG going into this match and what does the Australian National Championship mean to you?

DS: The NWA Australian National Champion was first crowned in an 8-man tournament at HBF Arena/Challenge Stadium in Perth in 2007 in which I lost to NJPW’s Rocky Romero in the first round. Just to be included in that bracket, and to then watch Mikey Nicholls [now NXT’s Nick Miller] win it in a tournament that also featured the likes of Cesaro and Australian legends Spike Steele, Jimmy Payne and Davis Storm, was an incredible experience and gave me so much pride for that Championship.

‘Gorgeous’ Greg on the other hand, shouldn’t be given the respect that I give to the aforementioned names. 10 years into his career and I tip my metaphorical hat to him for fulfilling a lifelong goal, but the way he’s done it? He’s shooting himself in the foot and tarnishing his own legacy. Trust me, I’ve been in the same boat. Leave your boys in the back, Greg. I don’t want any excuses when I bring the gold home. 

WR.com: You have certainly had one of the most decorated careers of any Australian wrestler of this generation, yet you are only 30 years old. What does the future hold for Damian Slater?

DS: I’d say ‘I wish I knew’ but I think that’s the fun of it all. All I ever wanted to do in the beginning was wrestle in front of a live crowd, just once. Each little box I ticked led to bigger and greater goals and now I can look back on over half a lifetime of learning experiences and amazing memories. I feel very fortunate that I’ve lived through the camaraderie of Australian wrestling’s building stage in the early 2000s and now I’m in the prime of my career with Australia getting eyes worldwide. 

I’ve always been a bucket lister, so if you want to know what my immediate goals are, I’d like to make my UK debut and also return to Japan. I miss that place more than anything. In Australia, I’m focusing on making The Untouchables [Slater’s team with Marcius Pitt] the #1 team in the country as I’ve pretty much been a singles wrestler my entire life. I look forward to the challenge. Of course, I also want to build the name of EPW and Wrestle Rampage up so that more eyes take notice. Oh and I need to finish Crash Bandicoot 3. It’s killing me!

WR.com: Thanks so much for the interview and we’ll see this this Saturday night at the Waterside Workers Hall.

DS: Cheers mate. I’m counting down the days!


Tickets are on sale for Saturday, January 20th’s RELOADED event. Click on the button below to secure yours today.



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