WR Moment of Truth News: KELLYANNE vs. JOANIE MAY

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Women’s wrestling has long been an anticipated event on Wrestle Rampage shows. Wrestle Rampage has endeavoured to bring over the very best that Australia has to offer, which has extended to female athletes such as NXT’s BILLIE KAY and PEYTON ROYCE, MADISON EAGLES, Canadian star NICOLE MATTHEWS and of course, Melbourne standout KELLYANNE.


KELLYANNE will be returning to Wrestle Rampage at February 25th’s MOMENT OF TRUTH after a national run of dominance, which means that this will be no easy debut for latest Wrestle Rampage Dojo graduate, JOANIE MAY.


Can JOANIE score the upset in her first shot at the big time, or will the KELLYANNE Fiend Club roll on in vicious fashion?


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WR Moment of Truth News: MIKE BOOMER(c) vs. KASAI

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The Wrestle Rampage CRUISERWEIGHT CUP was introduced by Commissioner Tom Chocolate towards the end of 2016, in an effort to recognise the exciting stylings of lighter weight fighters. The first champion, Adelaide’s own ‘Rapid Fire’ MIKE BOOMER was crowned in an incredible Fatal 4-Way match at November’s FINAL SHOWDOWN, before successfully retaining the Championship against Queensland’s RUFIO at last month’s RELOADED event.


However there is no rest for the wicked, as BOOMER will have to put his Championship on the line once again, this time against east coast standout ‘The Deadly Shot’ KASAI! KASAI initially made his name in the martial arts scene, becoming a 1st Dan Black Belt in Northstar Martial Arts. Since then he has established himself as one of the most promising cruiserweights in the New South Wales region.


MIKE BOOMER has proven that he is a fighting champion but the hardest task is staying at the top of the mountain when there are so many hungry challengers waiting below. Stylistically BOOMER is a hybrid athlete who can modify his strategy to overcome a range of opponents. However against a competent martial arts expert, it only takes one accurate shot for his night to be over.


Don’t miss this Cruiserweight showdown on Saturday, February 25th at St. Clair Recreation Centre in Woodville!


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WR Moment of Truth News: JONAH ROCK vs. DAMIAN SLATER(c)

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The main event for February 25th’s MOMENT OF TRUTH is one that needs little hype. For those who weren’t there for the first 2 matches in the series, you missed out on some of the most most intense, world-class Professional Wrestling that you will ever see.


It all began at August’s FALLOUT event in 2014. The champion DAMIAN SLATER walked into his biggest battle yet, with a monster on a streak. With WWE talent scouts in attendance, JONAH ROCK was to come out on top, capturing his first ever AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.


Fast forward to 2016, in a landscape where JONAH ROCK had broken records by holding the Championship for almost 2 years and DAMIAN SLATER was demonstrating a very different side of himself, while running with THE BROTHERHOOD. Perhaps it was that important loss in 2014 that changed SLATER’s path, but it made for an incredible rematch that concluded with SLATER raising the Championship for the 2nd time.


Whilst SLATER may have  been defeated in 2014 in front of the most important eyes, apparently his efforts were still recognised as the WWE called up him for their 1st ever CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC tournament in June 2016. SLATER returned towards the end of 2016, only to have JONAH ROCK put him through a table from a ladder, to end the epic TLC match between TMDK and THE BROTHERHOOD. This moment spelled the end of THE BROTHERHOOD as a unit, but more importantly, signified that JONAH ROCK was more than ready for a 3rd and final match against ‘The World Beater.’


It’s the final match of the trilogy. 2 of Australia’s very best ever will throw-down one more time, only this time without their crew by their side. Can JONAH ROCK enter his name into the history books as one of only a few 2-time Australian National Champions? Or will DAMIAN SLATER reign supreme and prove that he truly is the ‘World Beater’?


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Wrestle Rampage Open Tryouts – Thursday, February 2nd

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The Wrestle Rampage Dojo has built a reputation since 2006 as one of the leading schools in Australia to learn the craft of Professional Wrestling. With ties to the biggest promotions in Japan and the USA, the Wrestle Rampage Dojo has seen many of its graduates go on to further success at a world-class level. Several of the Dojo’s trainees thus far have toured Japan with promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and ZERO1 Pro Wrestling, as well as our trainer Damian Slater recently wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment in the Cruiserweight Classic. The Dojo has proven to be a stepping stone for those who have what it takes to make a career in Professional Wrestling.

With World Class facilities, The Pro Wrestling Dojo is the ONLY training centre in the nation which has a curriculum in which you will learn the Japanese, British, Mexican and American professional wrestling styles, in addition to Mixed Martial Arts disciplines of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing. The dojo is frequently visited by MMA coaches who assist in training sessions.

The Pro Wrestling Dojo is calling out for any aspiring wrestlers to join the rookie class of 2017. Experience is not necessary. The night will be run by 1 of Australia’s leading and most experienced professional wrestlers, Jonah Rock. Jonah has spent over a decade training and wrestling around the world with the very best, including several tours with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. We strongly believe that you will not find another experience like this in Australia.

If you are interested in attending this open tryout, please email training@wrestlerampage.com to confirm your spot. ALL attendees must be aged 15 or over. Parental consent required for those under 18. We also welcome those who may be interested in becoming a referee. If you cannot make the session but are still interested in training at The Pro Wrestling Dojo in the near future, we encourage you to still register your interest.

Do you have what it takes?

DATE: Thursday, February 2nd 2017
TIMES: 7:30-9:30pm
LOCATION: Wrestle Rampage Dojo (St. Clair Rec. Centre – 109 Woodville Road, Woodville, SA)
BRING: Towel, training shoes, appropriate sporting clothing.


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Wrestle Rampage: RELOADED (Results)

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    Mike Boomer(c) def. Rufio via pinfall

  2. Taylor King def. ‘Big’ Willy Gibson via pinfall

  3. ‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham def. Einar Ironside via pinfall

  4. AJ Istria def. Havok via submission

  5. Jonah Rock def. Josh Shooter, Link Barnett & Dean Valente via pinfall

  6. Robby Heart def. Chris Vice via pinfall

    Damian Slater(c) def. Mr. Juicy via submission

    The next show will be MOMENT OF TRUTH on Saturday, February 25th @ St. Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville. The event will be headlined by ‘The World Beater’ Damian Slater defending his Australian National Championship against ‘The Monster’ Jonah Rock to complete their trilogy!


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WR Reloaded News: DAMIAN SLATER(c) vs. MR JUICY

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The highly anticipated main event for January 21st’s RELOADED will see WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor DAMIAN SLATER defend his AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP against Australia’s own pop-culture icon, MR JUICY!

DAMIAN SLATER’s 14 year career has seen him make waves all over the world. Yet his 2016 was perhaps his biggest yet. Reclaiming the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for the 2nd time from his biggest rival JONAH ROCK, SLATER then went on to compete in the first ever WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC on the WWE Network. Whilst he would go on to lose to former Cruiserweight Champion and Japanese legend TAJIRI, SLATER proved that his time at top was only just beginning.

His opponent MR JUICY couldn’t be more polar opposite to ‘The Worldbeater’. The veteran of Australian Wrestling has become arguably Australia’s most popular Pro Wrestler of the last few years, due in part to his light hearted mentality and ability to overcome the odds. Don’t be fooled by his red and white striped outfit and upbeat entrance. JUICY is dangerous and has beaten opponents as good as SLATER in the past.

It’s The WORLD BEATER vs. The WORLD EATER for the first time ever! You won’t want to miss this spectacle at St. Clair Recreation Centre next Saturday night!



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The final announced match for January 21st will see 2 of Wrestle Rampage’s elite face off, both at a turning point in their careers.

For ‘The Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE, he enters 2017 alone with his stable THE BROTHERHOOD being disbanded at the conclusion of last year. However Vice’s reputation around Australia and beyond, far exceeds any alliance that he has been a part of. CHRIS VICE should be included in any discussion for ‘world class talent,’ no more evident in his time as EPW Champion in Perth. VICE left victim after victim laying in his journey to the top of the singles mountain and looks to do the same in WRESTLE RAMPAGE.

ROBBY HEART on the other hand made it his mission to fight his battles solo. A former 2 time Australian National Champion, HEART was arguably the most popular Adelaide wrestler of the past decade, before finding himself in an outnumbered war with numerous enemies that he just couldn’t overcome. HEART took a lengthy layoff due to injury before returning in 2016 a different man. The emotion had left him. The old ROBBY HEART was dead. In his comeback match, he took down AJ ISTRIA who had a heap of momentum behind him, showing that he hasn’t lost a step.

January 21st’s RELOADED is stacked full of matches with high stakes. The Australian National Championship picture is wide open, so a victory by either of these 2 machines could be huge for their race to the top!




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