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The Wrestle Rampage Dojo is a world class facility located in Australia for all current and aspiring professional wrestlers. It is situated in Adelaide’s southern suburbs at Panorama, less than 15min from the Adelaide CBD. The Dojo is easily accessible with buses, trains, taxi ranks and car parking in close proximity.

The Wrestle Rampage Dojo is one of the only pro wrestling gyms in Australia with a complete workout facility. Some of the equipment includes a a full sized pro wrestling ring, full weights and cardio room, MMA facilities, along with toilet and showers for both males and females.

The trainers at the Wrestle Rampage Dojo have world class qualifications that will provide you with the most professional and extensive training program in the country. Our current Head Trainer AJ Istria has wrestled multiple tours of Japan and Europe with promotions such as Pro Wrestling ZERO1 (Japan), Pro Wrestling NOAH (Japan), WxW (Germany), RevPro (UK) and OTT (Ireland) and is globally recognised as one Australia’s most elite athletes.  If you are serious about becoming a pro wrestler, then this is the place for you.

The Wrestle Rampage Dojo is associated with many professional promotions and training facilities around the world. Many of our wrestlers have gone on to train and wrestle overseas in companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and ZERO1 Pro Wrestling to name a few. Our wrestlers have also been invited to exclusive tryouts with WWE, NJPW and ZERO1 due to their accomplishments within The Dojo and Wrestle Rampage.

The Wrestle Rampage Dojo not only trains pro wrestlers, but also those wanting to be involved in the business in other capacities such as a referee, ring announcer, time keeper, valet and manager.

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